This is a checklist to run over potential jobs you are considering. It is not going to decide for you; but it will help you think about some things you might have missed, and help you avoid some avoidable errors, which is what CyborgYou is all about.

Underlying considerations

These are the main drivers of why you may be looking to switch jobs:

  • Net worth impact - is this role likely to increase or decrease your net worth in the near to medium term (don't fantasize too far out in time on this metric - it could make you a millionaire in a decade, but far out in time visibility is poor, and so probabilistically those variables are less important. Consider what it does to your wealth in the foreseeable future. It doesn't mean you don't do it; but it's important to know).

  • Status - What external status does the job give you? You may not care about status; but the world does, and so status (or the lack of it) has a value, which needs considering. This is especially relevant in the last bullet in this list.

  • Personal growth - You want to be getting better / stronger / more powerful all the time. Does this role allow you to grow? How? In what ways?

  • Fulfillment - Will you be happy going to work every day, knowing you are doing something you deem worth doing? A job may pay well but not be fulfilling, which will create problems down the line.

  • Next step - When the time comes to change, what is the next step? In other words, is the role an adequate platform with which to find your next challenge, internally or externally; or is it something that will make finding a next step difficult for any reason?

Sanity check

If you've gone through the above and are happy you've ticked enough boxes, here are some questions you should consider. These are all amber lights that things can go wrong once it's too late; and if enough of these have the wrong answer, wait for the next bus:

  • Does the job play to your strengths, and to what you like doing?

  • Do you believe in the underlying business model? You may be a great salesperson; and comissions may be huge; but if the model is selling fridges in Antartica there may be an underlying model issue.

  • Do you believe in the mission? Or are you logistics coordinator for the seal pup clubbing team?

  • Is the macro good? Macro trumps micro every time when it comes to job selection; there's no point launching into a dying industry, you want a tailwind not a headwind.

  • Is there sufficient upside? Or is your best case scenario to work hard, scratch out a living and learn nothing? It helps to know.

  • Do you have a cultural fit with the organisation and senior management? If you are the honest man in a den of thieves this will cause issues.

  • Is there a good environment of senior people, and a good management culture? Or is it toxic, political and un-meritocratic? This will affect your outcomes, and those of the organisation which you're tying yourself to.

  • Where do you grow to? What will you be smarter / stronger / better at in a year or two or three? By how much?

  • Is the setup good? Ie, is the mandate clearly defined, adequately resourced, etc; or are you triple co-head of a team with no junior employees and an unclear reporting structure, overlapping in mandate with 2 other teams? Again, these things come back to bite you.

  • How are big decisions made? Autocratic, or collegiate? Are good people empowered, or ignored? Are management processes robust, or flimsy? Another amber light.

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