In your transition from mere human to superhuman cyborg, these are the core principles you will use. They are the foundation of your operating system.  Deciding to follow these rules is to step through the door from human to Cyborg.


Start by looking for improvements.  This is more a state of mind than an activity - everything you experience is a potential input if it teaches you something.  Look for hacks, codes, and processes to feed and construct your operating system.  Obviously, reading, consuming podcasts, etc, helps.  Test your inputs, and use them.

Your inputs are nothing without implementing them.  Therefore, every time you accept a useful input, create a process for implementing it - eg, "Journaling is a good idea" is an input.  "I will journal at 5pm every weekday" - that's now a process.  Furthermore, have a process for assimilating inputs - eg, every time I find one, I write it on a list, which I check every Monday morning, and create processes for things on the list.  Otherwise you just read useful things, nod and move on.  Insights are nothing without using them in your life.


Turn everything into code.  "practice guitar" should become "guitar = chords+lead riffs+physical skills practice+musical theory".  Break everything down into components, to help you decide how to allocate scarce resources most efficiently.  Everything you do can be codified if you think about it; and this is a necessary step to creating the most efficient processes (see leverage below)


Utilise the power of small improvements.  Adding 100 small changes to your life which each make you 1% faster/better/stronger/more efficient will add up over time to make you superhuman.  Something which makes your gym attendance higher does this.  Something which frees up more time does this.  Something which makes you a better communicator does this.  Constantly strive for incremental improvements when you can't find the home run, and that's enough.

Master your habits and you'll master the world.  Implementing change through changing eradicating bad habits and implementing good habits is the human equivalent of reprogramming the cyborg such that he behaves automatically, without thought or effort.  Mastering habits is itself a superpower; and is the key principle for transforming from human to superhuman cyborg.


This is about adding activities to your life.  Don't just add things that are additive/useful - look for leverage in your processes.  Do things that, if implemented, unlock tens of hours of free time.  Look for projects that create value whilst you sleep.  Look for exercises that create massive impact per minute expended, as opposed to just impact.  By insisting on leverage, the construct you build will make you superhuman.