These are fundamental rules to live by if you want to achieve your higher self.  They are FUNDAMENTAL - they underlie all actions, in any situation.

Cyborg You Maintain Control


Make sure you are in control of the different areas of your life - relationship, work, creative pursuits, fitness.  This means you have a plan, and are comfortable you are progressing along to that plan.  The absence of this, merely ambling along, is a strong diagnostic of lack of deliberate control.  When this happens, notice it; step back, reassess, and plan forward, to regain control of where you are, and where you are going.

Cyborg You Moral Code

Whatever your moral code, your actions should always be in line with it.  Resist periodic temptations to stray from it.  These may solve short term problems; but will create bigger long terms ones.  The opposite is also true.  Stay true to your moral code at all times, even when it causes near term pain.

Cyborg You Find The Right Questions

The key to success is finding the right questions.  Once you know those, the answers are usually not far behind.  But people can wander their entire lives not asking the right questions, and therefore missing the point.  Finding the right questions is key.

Cyborg You Go Downhill


As you progress through life, you can "run uphill"; that is, do things the laborious/hard way.  And that is fine - you can make progress this way; and hard work never killed anyone.  HOWEVER - much better, where possible, to run downhill.  Instead of doing the work yourself, delegate.  instead of learning a skill that's naturally difficult for you, pick one that's naturally easy.  Work for a good manager, not a bad one.  An alpha person will shrink at no task; but try to look for the path of least resistance where you can.  You will move faster, and get more leverage, when you run downhill.  Often, asking yourself "what's the downhill version of such and such" is the key question.

Cyborg You You Can Change Anything


Never allow learned helplessness to sink in.  You may think you're "bad with people".  Or that you "have a temper".  Or that you "don't do public speaking".  But anything you do; any trait or characteristic; is somewhere a learned behaviour.  The learned can be unlearned.  What you're bad at, can be learned and practiced and become a strength.  Never allow a perceived "trait" to stand in your way.  Find the limiting thought; find a process to change it; and execute.  Want to stop smoking?  doable.  Want to never yell at the kids again?  doable.  Want to front a band when you think you've got a terrible voice? doable.  So don't indulge, just do it.

Cyborg You Walk Your Own Path


Life will pay you for being the best at what you do.  The thing you are best at is being yourself.  It is a far higher probability to pick that which you're great at and pursuing that, then trying to sing the way Rhianna does or open the world's biggest online retail website like Jeff Bezos.  Find what is your unique contribution to the world; what is your voice; and start there.  That's where success lies. 

Cyborg You Love people, for they are the key


People are the most important variable in almost any equation.  Whether in managing a business, succeeding within a corporation, starting up on your own, or any other endeavour - people, your relationships with them, their wants, needs, fears and hopes drive a huge part of the outcome.  Learn to think about this, and assess the human impact in any situation.  More than that, learn to love people.  Not in a hippy, make the world a better place way; but rather, learning empathy, and learning to think about people, analyze their motivations, walk in their shoes, and how you should behave with different people, is a huge edge, arguably THE edge to have.  We are a tribal animal, and solving this puzzle will unlock many others.

Cyborg You Control Your Competitive Streak


Your greatest weapon can also be your biggest handicap.  As Marcus Aurelius said, what is bad for the beehive is bad for the bees.  Always consider not just the direct impact of your actions on you; but also indirect, via their impact on the wider unit/organization.  Often your instinct to progress yourself will clash with the greater good, which ultimately leads to being judged badly.  Consider these angles, and allow your holistic voice a fair hearing.  The world is littered with examples of dominant talents self harming by blowing up their environments.

Cyborg You Play the hand you're dealt


Always remember - no matter the situation; no matter how it feels; you have assets to lean on.  This means that you have some skills, some abilities, some talents or resources or connections or proclivities that you can use to move forward and create a good situation for yourself.  The key is identifying these, and building a plan and a process around these, rather than around something you wish you had, someone thinks you should have, you used to have or saw someone else have.  Focus on your assets; and know they are enough.  Now move forward.