What's it all about?

Cyborg You is a Personal Operating System.

That means that it is a latticework of principles, rules and concepts, which are designed to be implemented to allow you to become more effective.

The idea is that as you discover these rules and concepts, you selectively introduce them into your life, one by one, and reap incremental benefits.

It is the distillation of thousands of hours of reading, listening, thinking, processing, testing, accepting, rejecting and modifying.  It is supposed to save you the time and just cut right to the end - the actionable signal amongst all the noise.

Everything on the site is subjective and user specific, and therefore is meant to be modified and personalised by every individual to suit them.

It is best to consume the site piecemeal, slowly and over time, digesting, processing and implementing, piece by piece.  It has taken years to accumulate the knowledge herein, it cannot be digested overnight.

I love feedback - everything in life is a feedback loop - please do get in touch.